years Euroherc Insurance has been operating successfully in the dynamic insurance market, providing security to its policyholders on a daily basis. During this period, the Company has established a stable and solid foundation for a successful business, and has built a respectable and recognizable name. The company offers high quality and innovative products for security and financial protection of its clients.
place in the market of non-life insurance is a result of a clear strategy focused on innovative and sustainable growth. The Company continually raises the level of competitiveness and quality, taking into account the needs and preferences of its policyholders. Euroherc approaches each beneficiary on an individual basis, offering professional and efficient, distinctive and adequate insurance protection, tailored specifically to their needs.
HRK of revenues generated in 2019 is an indicator of a successful relationship with our policyholders and their trust in the company. Euroherc activities are focused on maintaining a higher level of policyholders’ protection, effective risk management and transparency of operations.
issued policies are a testament to the quality of our offer in insurance products. Euroherc Insurance is a reliable partner for a safer today and a carefree tomorrow. Therefore, choosing appropriate insurance policies is the best way to eliminate potential risks and make life safer.
highly motivated and professional staff follow the clear strategy of a unified approach to each policyholder. Euroherc employees seek to raise awareness of the need for protection and insurance coverage that includes various risks through daily communication with policyholders. Consequently, the Company regards investment in employees to be of crucial importance. Euroherc is a desirable employer that provides opportunities for professional development and career advancement, resulting in employee satisfaction both privately and professionally.
up-to-date and elegantly equipped branch offices and over 520 sales points in Croatia and 50 sales points in Austria indicate the continuous, conscientious and wise investment in our own capacities, infrastructure and employees. This has made Euroherc one of the leading companies in non-life insurance, available to a large number of citizens. Ongoing capital investment in our own business facilities and infrastructure represents simultaneous investment in the resources of the Republic of Croatia, and sends the message that the Company intends to remain in the insurance industry long-term.
Basic information:
Euroherc osiguranje d.d.
Headquarters: Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 282
PIN: 22694857747
CRN: 060012147, Commercial court of Zagreb
Account number: 2481000-1100100492, Agram banka d. d.
IBAN: HR7524810001100100492
Company’s share capital: HRK 61.002.000,00 (305.010 shares)
Nominal value per share: HRK 200,00
The organizational structure of the Company consists of the Supervisory Board, Management Board, Departments and Branches. Due to the complexity of the activity that the company engages in, Euroherc has a mixed organizational structure, or a combination of the subject, functional, territorial and project structure.
4 members of the Management Board consisting of Chairman and three members, manage the Company’s operations confidently, innovative and wisely by applying the planned strategy aiming to achieve even better business results from one year to another.



Deputy Chairman



7 members of the Supervisory Board headed by the Chairman, defines strategic guidelines in the Company’s business in addition to monitoring the Management Board’s work.

  • Mladenka Grgić, PhD, Chairman
  • Zlatko Lerota, Deputy Chairman
  • Hrvoje Planinić
  • Radoslav Pavlović
  • Niko Krivić
  • Miroslav Grbavac
  • Radoslav Lavrić
4 departments with four basic functions or business groups make up the vertical organizational structure of the Company.

  • IT
Personal data protection officer
Stojan Štironja
tel: 01 6135 040
Complaints officer
Milijana Ambroš
tel: 01 6004 741