Information to the insured, the policyholder and the beneficiary from the insurance contract before the conclusion of the contract on how to file complaints


  • Any person whose legal interest arises or is in connection with an insurance contract, shall primarily seek to settle all possible disputes with the insurer by agreement, in a peaceful procedure with the insurer, by submitting a complaint.
  • The complainant may be the insured, the policyholder or the beneficiary of the insurance contract.
  • A complaint may be filed:

    • in writing by post to the address of EUROHERC osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, 10 000 Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 282 or to the address of the nearest point of sale,
    • by e-mail to:
      (Please send all your inquiries regarding processing potential damage claims (e.g. manner, height, etc.) to the email address , or
    • by verbal declarations in EUROHERC osiguranje d.d.
  • A complaint may be filed for:

    • the conduct of the Company or a person who represents the Company in insurance affairs,
    • decisions of the Company regarding the insurance contract or carrying out the contract,
    • the Company’s handling of insurance claims.
  • The deadline for filing a complaint against a decision or a procedure of EUROHERC osiguranje d.d. is 15 days from the date on which the complainant received the decision on which he filed the complaint, i.e. the day he learned the reason for the complaint.
  • The complaint shall include:

    • name, surname and address of the complainant, who is a natural person, or his legal representative, i.e. the company, the company head office address and the name and surname of the authorised person of the complainant who is a legal person,
    • reasons for the complainant’s complaints and requests,
    • evidence confirming the allegations in the complaint, when it is possible to enclose them, and additional documents that have not been considered in the proceedings in which the decision on which the complaint is based was made, as well as proposals for the presentation of evidence,
    • the date of filing the complaint and the signature of the complainant or the person representing him/her,
    • power of attorney, when a complaint is filed by an authorised person.
  • The deadline for a written response to the complaint is 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. The response to the complaint shall be explained and signed. If the complaint is filed by electronic mail or the if the complainant specifically requests so, the response to the complaint may be sent by electronic mail, subject to compliance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data.
  • At the request of the complainant, EUROHERC osiguranje d.d. shall notify the complainant the complaint had been received and on the course of the proceedings.



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