This type of insurance offers a range of coverage from a large number of natural disasters which you can use to protect your property. The main disaster is fire, but various other disasters can be arranged. Depending on the desired coverage, the policy can include additional disasters.


BASIC DISASTERS that can be covered in a policy:

  • fire
  • explosion (and implosion)
  • storm
  • natural disasters (except storms)
  • lightning
  • hail
  • flood
  • earthquakes.

Additional coverage can be arranged for one or more additional disasters:

  • water and other liquids discharge
  • earthquake
  • snow or ice mass and frost
  • fall or impact of an aircraft or things from it
  • leakage
  • public performance and public street protest
  • self-ignition of supplies
  • strike or lockout.

Other property insurance

This insurance regulates coverage for:

  • burglary and robbery
  • breakage of glass, ceramic, stone surfaces and ads
  • construction and / or assembly insurance
  • breakage of facilities, equipment, machinery and appliances in operation
  • other unlisted supplementary insurances (insurance of crops, plantations of herbs, fruits and vegetables, animals).

Što se sve može osigurati?

  • buildings and various other immovable assets (all parts of a building structure, foundations and basement walls, all built-in installations, all installed equipment, such as elevators, central heating with a fuel tank, water heaters, air conditioning units, etc. are considered to be insured)
  • movable assets, furniture, appliances and machines, various tools, fences, supporting walls, roads, trails, sidewalks, paved courtyards
  • supplies of goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, spare and consumable materials
  • supplies of goods outdoors
  • underground, above ground and underwater grids (water, sewage, telephone, gas, electricity and the like), except for the grids which are an integral part of a building in industrial companies
  • sports courts, playgrounds, open swimming pools and skating rinks
  • money and security bonds
  • items in exhibitions and fairs
  • other items in accordance with the Price List and Conditions.
Earthquake, fire, flood, burglary … these are just some of the risks that threaten us every day.


Are you aware that everything you have been creating your whole life can disappear in a minute?

You can’t predict the damage, but you can have quality insurance!

To protect yourself against unwanted risk, arrange DOMOS – a unique package of property insurance that provides complete and high-quality coverage of your home, apartment or holiday home.


Why arrange DOMOS?
  • The quality of coverage – protect your assets from the 10 most common risks we are exposed to daily, such as fire, explosion, lightning, hail storm, flood, water and other liquids discharge, earthquake, burglary and robbery, breakage of glass and ceramic surfaces..
  • Flexible and fully tailored to your needs – choose your own combination (you can insure only part of the building or household or all together).
  • Complete protection of insured property:
    • a unique model of insurance to the value of NEW – in case an insured event occurs, a fee is reimbursed needed for the destroyed property to be returned to the NEW condition, i.e.
    • insurance to the full value – there are no restrictions or so called limits in compensation payments. The insured parties are paid the full amount of damages without limitations (except in cases of flooding risks).
The sea is full of hidden charms, and we can experience them best when sailing. Do not let storms and high waves ruin your sailing experience. The Navigator package is an ideal choice for the security of your boat.


The package covers:

  • CASCO boat and yacht insurance
  • compulsory third party liability insurance for owners or users of motor boats
  • voluntary third party liability insurance for owners or users of motor boats
  • insurance for charter boats and vessels in regattas and sailboat races
  • compulsory accident insurance for public traffic passengers [especially for charter boats]
  • voluntary accident insurance for public traffic passengers
  • insurance against vessel fraud or embezzlement during [charter boat] rental
  • insurance against loss of income [gain] under [charter] concluded boat rental contract
  • vessel land transportation insurance

Insurable items:

  • boat’s hull [including deck superstructures and inbuilt elements in cabins and other enclosed spaces], helm, steering and anchoring devices, winches, masts and spars, ropes, riggings and sails
  • main and/or auxiliary engine [including propeller], shaft, marine gearbox, accumulators, alternator and starter motor
  • fixed nautical instruments, fixed serial equipment, accessories or inventory, ropes, lifesaving equipment and devices; position lamps; oars, fenders, standard tools and other equipment for the operation and use of vehicles
  • non-fixed nautical instruments and equipment, support boats [including their own propelling engines]
  • outboard machines and engines
  • crockery, bedding, mattresses
  • diving and sport fishing equipment and other similar equipment and inventory
  • passenger and/or crew’s personal belongings [baggage] can be separately insured and included in the cover

Insurable risks

The NAVIGATOR package offers insurance against the following risks:

  • marine accidents [collision, impact onto any immobile, hard, floating or submerged object, sinking or capsizing, stranding, hitting the bottom, and other exceptional external events associated with maritime navigation and inland waterway navigation]
  • thunderstorm [including lightning strike]
  • natural disasters, including tidal waves
  • fire
  • explosion
  • burglary, theft and robbery
  • burglary and theft of the vessel
  • crash and impact of an aircraft, its parts or other objects
  • accident during loading, unloading or relocation of equipment, gadgets, devices, stocks or fuel
  • impact of a land transportation vehicle
  • breakage of masts and/or spars
  • breakage of mobile and immobile riggings
  • malicious acts by third persons
  • earthquakes and volcano eruptions
  • burglary and theft if the insured items are in an enclosed and locked space inside the vessel [cabin, belowdecks] or in an enclosed and locked dryland repository

Extended Cover

The insurance is also valid:

  • when the vessel is not in the sea or water
  • during summer or winter storage
  • during layup
  • during usual stays in a marina or shipyard for maintenance, servicing or repairs, including pulling the vessel out of the water and launching/sinking in all specified cases
  • if the insured risk is realised as a result of the ship repairer’s negligence, provided that the repairer is not insured under this policy

Cover of Costs

This insurance policy also covers:

  • costs incurred on the vessel while helping or rescuing another vessel from danger
  • costs directly caused by the realization of an insured case, if incurred up to a reasonable amount and if directly associated with the repair of the damage
  • costs incurred by transporting the vessel to a port or repair workshop, if the damage could not be repaired at the current port or the repair would not be economically justified or expertly carried out
  • expertise and damage liquidation costs
  • costs of examining the bottom of the vessel after stranding, and if determined that the vessel was not damaged
  • costs of paint removal and re-painting of the underwater section of the vessel
  • costs of pulling the boat out of the water and dryland storage
  • costs of removal for the wreckage or its parts, regardless whether these activities are performed following orders by relevant authorities or not, and regardless of the success of such activities



The compensation for the incurred damage will be reduced by a deductible in the manner stipulated by the insurance contract.
A deductible is applied per damaging event and reduces the insurance premium per policy.
In exceptional cases, a deductible is applied as a lump sum for all damage incurred by the windstorm during a voyage between two successive ports of call.

A deductible is not applied:

  • for compensation of costs reasonably incurred for preventing a total loss of vessel or its parts
  • for compensation of rescue costs and/or reward
  • for compensation of costs incurred while helping another vessel in danger
  • for compensation of damage for additional insurance of personal belongings and baggage and/or additional insurance of vessel transportation by land
  • for compensation in the case of total loss of vessel

Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance:
A compulsory third party liability insurance for the owner or user of the motor vessel is stipulated by the provisions of the Law on Obligatory Insurance in Traffic.
Under this policy, the insured is obliged to pay out compensation if, during the use of the boat or yacht specified in the policy, the user caused personal injury, health damage or death to a third person. Third persons do not include persons on the motor boat or yacht which caused the damage, or persons on another boat, yacht, ship or other vessel which are not considered third persons under the law.