Safe on the road!

The ZONA is a cover combination for more relaxed, safer driving.

It provides you and the passengers in your vehicle with:

  • Accident Insurance
  • prompt and professional assistance on the road all year round

You can choose the ZONA on your insurance policy at any Euroherc office.

ZONA coverage

Covers the driver and passengers in case of an accident
Replacement vehicle during vehicle repair, use of a rent-a-car, can be used once in the course of a year, up to 7 days (max. HRK 400 per day).
Roadside assistance at the point of breakdown, several times during the year to a maximum of HRK 1.500.
Vehicle storage up to 7 days.
Transportation of vehicles in the event of a breakdown, traffic accident or theft several times during the year up to HRK 3.000.
Territorial coverage that spans Republic of Croatia, Bosina and Herzegovina, Republic of Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Serbia and Montenegro.
Delivery of vehicles after use of transportation and completion of repair, to a maximum of HRK 400.
Discount on any number of transportations of vehicles (according to the current price list) above the maximum cash limits.
Our insurance advisors will be more than happy to give you detailed information on the ZONE you can contact them in person at the nearest point of sale, by phone or email.

Roadside assistance

HR 0800 08 02
BiH, SLO, A, I, H, SRB, MNE +385 1 6269 820
24 hours a day
365 days a year
For speedy and efficient problem solving it is necessary to:

1. Prepare identification information – insurance policy number and / or vehicle license plate

2. Identify and check your current location

3. Call the contact centre:
for Croatia
0800 08 02
for BiH, SLO, A, I, H, SRB, MNE
+385 1 6269 820

4. Wait for the operator and follow their instructions.

5. A ZONE service will activate, depending on the problem encountered on the road.